Serve as the Director of Sales within the Faxon Firearms organization with the explicit goal of increasing business value through sales.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Establish and meet quarterly and yearly sales objectives.
  • Establish and meet strategic sales goals for business development by customer segment (i.e. retail, dealer, OEM, distributor).
  • Utilize industry knowledge and customer feedback to recommend product opportunities that expand the Faxon Firearms brand through dealer network and direct to consumer sales. Work with Product Management to develop new product lines, products, or variations of existing products to take advantage of market opportunities.
  • Train, coach, and empower current and future members of the sales team. Train Sales staff on product line knowledge, sales strategies for different types of customers, and generating OEM
  • Work closely with Director of Marketing to maximize return from dealer and retail marketing emails.
  • Coordinate with Director of Marketing to establish new direct to consumer sales strategies and campaigns along with marketing/sales hybrid venues (i.e. affiliate marketing).
  • Grow customer relationships through on-site visits and unique promotional events.
  • Act as primary contact for OEM customers, and coordinate between OEM customers and their appropriate PM.
  • With the help of Product Management, maintain an active product line and add or trim SKUs based on sales performance, or projected new sales.
  • Track and forecast market trends to best capitalize on new product and sales opportunities.
  • Work with production, to place orders based on current inventory, past sales data, and projected demand with the goal of maximizing inventory turns.
  • Monitor and target excess and slow moving inventory for special promotions.
  • Collaborate with the Directors of Marketing and Product Management to create short-run product offerings available exclusively through Faxonfirearms.com.
  • Work with Product Management to develop value added processes to existing product lines (i.e.

new coatings, pinned gas block, lapped bores), and establish a value to consumers for such processes.

  • Explore alternate sales avenues, such as military contracts or OEM/ODM opportunities.
  • Establish, track, and adhere to a yearly sales budget.
  • Maintain an environment where the entire Faxon team can communicate openly about alternative sales strategies, ideas, and approaches.
  • 5 Years’ experience in a Manufacturing Company
  • 10 Years Firearms Industry Experience.