Serve our customers by producing quality product to meet demand profitably.

Key Requirements Area

As the Vice President of Operations, you are responsible for overseeing all RISE Armament production, supply chain, quality, and facilities. .

Oversee the entire production process

  •  Prepare and manage the operations budget
  •  Manage production schedules to ensure optimum resource utilization and on-time performance
  •  Look ahead and propose future capital expansion needs to meet demand
  •  Continually improve production processes, quality, and performance

Ensure product quality leads our market and continuously improve

  • • Implement quality systems and processes to improve product quality (e.g., Rapid Response, RMA, QMS, Quality board review team, etc.)
  • • Teach and ingrain the importance of quality into our team and company culture
  • • Initiate and continually expand a Lean program to weave Lean into the fabric of our culture and to Improve flow

Manage our supply chain to meet our increasing requirements while reducing risk

  •  Expand our supply chain resources to reduce risk, increase product availability, and to better meet our customer demand
  •  Train and lead the PLM/Supply Chain Team to become supply chain experts
  •  Implement and ensure the effective management of an effective Total Productive Maintenance system for our machines and equipment

Lead and coach your team

  •  Lead, manage, and hold team members accountable
  •  Develop and implement a Lean White belt program to help empower everyone in the company to continuously improve on their own
  •  Be strict and caring; give tough love abundantly

Key Traits, Skills & Competencies

  •  Coaches his/her team with tough love
  •  Ability to see and keep the big picture in mind
  •  System and process oriented
  • Makes sound fact- and data-driven decisions
  • High standards
  • Respectful, positive, and a team player

Summary of How You Win in this Role

  • Deliver product on time; if capacity or other things prevent this from being possible, improve delivery numbers by even the smallest difference
  • Coach your team, develop them; if they’re getting better each day, you’re winning
  • Ensure high-quality product is produced
  • Continuously improve in alignment with company objectives and goals